About Us


Thank you for your interest in YASMINE Early Learning Center. This Center is opened to children between 2 months to 6 years old. Admission is subjected to medical certification that the child is in good health.

Being in a childcare center can be an exciting experience for both the child and the parents. We hope that you will spend time reading through this information to familiarize yourself with the Center and its policies.



A Management Committee manages the Center. It is the goal of the management and staff to provide a conducive and homely environment for every child.

This is in line with our PHILOSPHY OF CARE:

  • The Art-Based curriculum at Yasmine Early Learning Center facilitates the thinking and expression of the young child. It is through the Arts that we may cultivate learning and developments as well as the acceptance and appreciation of cultural and religious diversification.
  • To co-operate with children so that they enjoy learning.
  • To provide and maintain highly skilled staff to support the notion of “scaffolding” children’s learning.
  • To provide a stimulating and rich curriculum that gives children many opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings and perceptions through discovery and problem-based learning through the arts.
  • To implement a curriculum that espoused the belief that the acceptance and valuing of individual and group differences are basic to the achievement of equality for all children.

The Center’s layout is designed to create a comfortable and happy environment for learning experiences. Children in the Center will be given the opportunity to go on   regular outings. It is only when a child is happy, comfortable and continuously experimenting and exploring that the total developmental opportunities are maximized.