Registration Fee: $100.00(Non refundable) upon eligibility

Deposit Fee: One month subsidised fees

Fees are paid through Giro. Cash transactions will NOT be accepted. Please make an arrangement with your bank for the Giro deduction. The Giro forms are available at the Center.


Amount of subsidy

A parent using an approved childcare Center can apply for childcare subsidy at the following rates.

  1. $300 & $600 per child per month for the Full Day Care Programme
  2. $150 & $300 per child per month for the Half Day Care Programme


Eligibility for Child Care subsidies

As the government provides childcare subsidies, its conditions stated below have to be strictly adhered to. Please go through the rules and procedures carefully.

For your child to be eligible for childcare subsidies, the following conditions must be met:

  1. At least one parent is a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  2. The child attending the Center is
    • a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • below 7 years of age
    • not attending primary school; and
    • of the first, second, third or fourth birth order
  3. The mother is working full-time or part-time regularly ;
  4. The parent is a working parent.
  5. On Jan 2001, The Government Child Care Subsidy scheme was extended to non-working mothers. Those who wish to claim the subsidy need to apply. Applicants who meet the criteria under the scheme will be eligible for subsidy as follows : 


Procedures for application of subsidy

Any parent who wishes to apply for childcare subsidy:

Total Hours of work per month Full Day Care Half Day Care
56 hours or more $300 & $600@ child @ month $150 & $300 @ child @ month
Less than 56 hrs $150 @ child @ month $150 @ child @ month
Not Working $150 @ child @ month $150 @ child @ month

Father if he is a single parent and

The nationality of both parents and child must be produced for verification by the Center. Documentary evidence for employment status can be one of the following:

  1. Original current pay slip
  2. An original current CPF statement confirming employer and employee contributions

This information will be updated twice a year (in June & December)


Penalty for False Declaration

Please note that any false declaration made for the purpose of claiming Government childcare subsidies is an offence under Section 182 of the Penal Code.