Parent Notes


Here are some items that the child must bring along when attending any programmes at the Center :-

  1. A pair of shoes
  2. A water bottle with slings
  3. Change of uniform
  4. A bath towel

The mattress covers need to be brought home every Friday for washing and returned on Mondays. For hygiene purposes this must be strictly adhered to.

As we have many children attending the Center, it would help the teachers and staff very much if you have your child’s name written or sewn on every of his/her belonging.

We would also appreciate it if you could make sure that your child does not wear or bring any jewellery, food, toys, money, sweets and drinks to the Center. The Center is not responsible for any lost of items. Please return any toys, uniform or articles that do not belong to your child. We would appreciate your co-operation.



Children in the Center are required to wear their uniform at all times. The Center recommends that parents purchase 3 sets of uniform per child.



The children at the Center go on regular outings together. Parents will be invited to join their children on these trips, especially during the school holidays. Parents shall pay the cost of any outings.

In addition, parents will also be invited to join in special activities at the Center. This provides opportunities for parents to get acquainted with the teachers and their child’s friends. YASMINE will inform you on what your child has been learning and experiencing while at the Center. Please take time to read the Center’s Circular regularly.



Should your child fall ill at the Center, parents will be contacted so that they can bring the child to a doctor. In cases of emergencies and when parents cannot be contacted, the child will be brought to the nearest doctor or hospital and the parents will be informed accordingly. Parents will bear all the expenses incurred.

All prescribed medication for the children must be clearly labeled with the child’s name. The medication with the dosage instruction must be written on our medication form. Medication will not be administered without the medication form/consent.

Parents whose children are taking the transport will have to forward a note to the Center with all the prescription of the medications.

Children with any infectious disease may only return to the Center after obtaining a letter from a doctor to certify that he/she has fully recovered.



To keep you in touch with your child’s activities, the children will be bringing the activity sheets and worksheets on every Friday of the week for your perusal. The Activity Sheet states the curriculum and programme for the week. This will help parents understand the activities of the Center better. Children’s file that contained their worksheets will be given to the children at every term.



This child is assessed twice a year and after 6 months upon entering the Center. These assessments provide parents and teachers opportunities to monitor the child’s performance and share experiences at home and in the Center. Parents will be informed of these assessments.

The Center will also pin-up relevant information accessible to parents at the Center’s notice board whenever necessary.



There is a registration fee of $100 upon application, which is not refundable if a place is already allocated for your child.  The registration fee will only be refunded if your child is not allocated a place or you wish to withdraw him/her from the wait-list.

Applicants are also required to pay a deposit fee, which is equivalent to one month’s fee (subsidised) during enrolment in the Center.

Parents who wish to withdraw their children from Yasmine need to provide a written notice of at least one month. The deposit fee will be refunded upon giving the Center’s supervisor one month notice in advance and dated the 1st of the withdrawal month.

In the event that the one month notice is not given, the deposit fee will be forfeited.

The monthly fee will be charged through the minimum of 30 days’notice, regardless of the child’s attendance.



A free trial period of 3 days is available to help parents reaffirm their child’s stay in the Center. This trial period will also help the child to adjust to a childcare environment. It is compulsory for one parent to accompany the child for the first three days during this period.

In the event that parents, while still considering to admit their child with the Center, decide to continue their child’s stay at the Center after the free 3 day trial period, a fee of $30 a day will be levied for full day and $25 for half day.



Parents are most welcome to visit the Center. Any problems or enquiries will be entertained during office hours. Please make appointments first to avoid disappointments. Our address and contact number are:


Blk 38 Chai Chee Avenue #01-203
Singapore 461203

Tel & Fax 64496279